5 ways smart heating controls will change the way you live

We all hate that feeling on a Winter morning when you wake up and your home is freezing. You scramble for a lovely warm shower but then you just don’t want to get out! Most heating systems have timers to help us avoid this. But often,  in older systems, they are outdated and antiquated. Smart heating controls are the answer!

What are smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls allow you to control your smart thermostat on the move. Your heating system is connected to the WiFi in your home. These controls allow you to set timers, maintain a comfortable level of heat in your home and much more.

5 Ways Smart Heating controls will change the way you live

You will save money

Smart heating controls will help you cut down on your overall energy usage. The heating will only be triggered when you really need it. If you couple smart heating with zoned controls than this saving will further increase.

Track your usage

In order to stay on top of your spending you need to monitor how much energy you are using. Some smart heating control apps enable you to do this with ease through visual graphs and live updates.

Total control

Have you ever been on your way home and wished you could turn on the heating so your house is warm when you arrive? Now you can! Smart heating controls connect to your WiFi so you can control them from anywhere in the world.

Avail of a grant

The SEAI offer a grant of up to €700 to upgrade your heating controls. This means that getting a new, improved system is a real bargain.

Help the environment

We are all very aware that we need to make some changes in order to protect the planet from climate change. Like all home energy upgrades, new heating controls will reduce your carbon footprint which is very important for the environment.

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