Solar energy is the future. There’s lots of great reasons why you should install a Solar PV system in your home today. Did you know that Sunlight travels the 90 million miles to Earth in 10 minutes? For years we have used the sun to dry our clothes, now it’s time to use it to power our homes. Here’s our top 6 reasons to go solar:

1. Save Money on Energy Bills

According to the SEAI installing solar panels could save you big money on your electricity bills. This is because you will be producing your own electricity from the power of the sun. You can also install a battery to store any excess energy you use, giving you access to free energy 24 hours a day.

2. Become an early adopter to energy technology

Although Solar power was invented in the 1950’s it’s still a relatively new solution for domestic home energy. Get ahead of the curve and take advantage of the savings. In Sweden Solar energy is growing year on year by 94%. The Irish government’s Climate Action plan aims to allow you to sell excess energy back to the national grid by 2022. Invest now and you’ll recoup your investment quicker!

3. There are grants available for Solar

If your home was built prior to to 2011 there are grants of up to €3000 available for installing a solar PV system. At House 2 Home we don’t just install your solar panels. We will also help you with your grant application. These grants may only be available for a limited time, so take advantage of them now.

4. Help to protect the Environment

Climate change one of the biggest challenges facing society and our planet in the 21st century. We need to act together as a global community to combat this. Installing solar panels will reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. This is very helpful to the environment.

5. It’s quick and easy to install

Our energy experts will install your Solar panels and get you up and running in just a day or two. The job is a clean and quick install that will start making a difference to your energy bills and the environment straightaway.

6. It’s perfect for Irish weather

There is a common misconception that Solar panels don’t work unless the sun is blazing hot. This is false, in fact too much direct heat can damage panels. Solar PV works through light, not heat. The Irish weather is perfect of this money saving technology.

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