Yesterday, amid the doom and gloom of the COVID 19 coverage, The Budget 2021 was a welcome distraction for those interested in Green Energy. The government made some commitments to help Ireland move towards the goals that were outlined in last week’s updated Climate Action Plan. Deep Retrofitting was key on the agenda.  A rise in carbon tax was introduced to encourage consumers to choose more environmentally friendly vehicles. There were also changes made to the Vehicle Registration Tax for similar reasons.

As a nation we are beginning to take climate change seriously. We can only reduce our overall national carbon footprint if we work together. One of the ways we can contribute is at home. Recycling is now second nature to Irish homeowners but a decade ago this wasn’t the case. We now need to start looking at home energy usage in the same way.

Minister for Public Expenditure and reform, Michael McGrath, said; “The climate crisis is no longer on the horizon. It is the great challenge of our generation. We must act now to climate proof our economy and society for future generations”.

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home isn’t just about the environment though. It also saves you money and this is a key message that sometimes gets left behind.

The National Home Retrofit Scheme

The National Home Retrofit scheme was an integral part of Budget 2021. The scheme is designed to help homeowners upgrade their property to achieve a b2 BER (Building Energy Rating). Grants of up to 40% will be issued to those who partake in the scheme. There has never been a better time to retrofit your home. The injection of cash into the project will create thousands of jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow the public to upgrade to warmer, more energy efficient homes.

At House 2 Home we apply the National Home Retrofit grant up front so you don’t need to worry about the initial financial outlay. We can look after your retrofit from start to finish and take care of any construction work you want to carry out alongside it. Our team have upgraded thousands of homes around Ireland.

For more information on deep retrofitting or any of our other products or services, please contact the team.