A general rule of thumb in Ireland is that you aren’t allowed start talking about Christmas until Halloween is over. Well guess what, the spooky decorations are back in the attic and it’s time to start planning for some festive cheer. Most of us have become more environmentally conscious as well as financially prudent over the last 12 months. We’ve put together a list of Eco friendly tech gifts to suit every price range. They might even save you some money if used correctly:

Smart Speakers

A smart speaker does more than just play music. You can use it with a virtual assistant to control almost every aspect of your home. Turn lights on and off, set your thermostat and more. Saving energy is as easy as asking your house to do it for you.

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls mean that you can control your heating from anywhere in the world with a few flicks of your thumb. Never return to a cold home again. You can also stay on top of your usage to save energy.

Smart Plugs

OK so you are going to see the word ‘smart’ appearing here alot. It’s the buzz word for new home tech. Smart plugs allow you to digitally set timers for your power outlets and turn them on and off remotely. And you guessed it …. they can be controlled by your smart speaker.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting works in the same way as the plugs. Usually coming in the form of WiFi connected light bulbs, you can control your ligfhts from anywhere. This has the added bonus of renhancing your home security.

Solar PV

This might be a stretch for a regular gift but let’s be honest, Solar PV is the Rolls Royce of eco-friendly tech. Generate your own renewable electricity from sunlight and use it to power your home. The future is now!

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