If you want a cosier warmer home you may need to improve your BER (Building Energy Rating). The good news is that this will also save you money on your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions. Optimising the performance of your home energy system will also increase the value of your property in some cases.  But how do you do it?

How is a BER calculated?

A BER is calculated based on an assessment of your building’s energy rating. This takes into account the actual energy performance and the associated carbon dioxide emmissions in the dwelling. Areas that are assessed include heating, insulation, ventialtion and dimensions. It is important to note that BER dows not take into account electricity used for purposes other than heating, lighting pumps and fans.

How can I improve BER ?

There are a number of works you can carry out to improve BER. Here is a list of some improvements your home may benefit from. :


Old windows can be a big issue as they allow heat to escappe through them and draughts eneter your home. You should have modern double glazed windows.


The same goes for doors. Modern doors do a far better job at sealing heat into your home.


You should have the exterior walls of your home and your attic insulated to modern standars. Read all about insulation options here.

Heating Controls

Heating controls will help you ensure that you are only using energy when you actually need it. Smart heating controls can even connect to your smartphone!

House 2 Home is a one stop shop for these works. Many energy improvements are part of a grant scheme by the SEAI. Talk to our experts today to see how we can help improve BER.

Not quite ready for bigger jobs but want to reduce your carbon emissions? Check out our top energy saving tips.

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