This year, The National Housing Retrofit Scheme was launched for homeowners who make substantial improvements to their home and achieve a BER B2. The Building Energy Rating system assigns a number to your home from A to G based on how energy efficient it is. If you are on the lower send of this scale your energy bills tend to be very high and your carbon footprint is also troublesome.

The Irish government have committed to reducing the overall carbon footprint of the nation through the Climate Action Plan. Modernising homes is one of the main goals here. The government has committed to upgrading 500,000 homes to a B2 by 2030 and they are offering substantial grant funding to home owners. At House 2 Home we can carry out a deep Retrofit of your home and ensure that you achieve a B2 rating to receive grant funding for this. We will even discount the 40% grant funding up front.

What is a BER B2

A Building Energy Rating is simply a measure of the energy performance of your home. The better your rating the more energy efficient and warm your home will be. Improving the BER of your home will save you money and impact positively on the environment. A B2 is a very favourable energy rating and is generally considered the benchmark for excellent performance in a home built prior to 2006.

How to achieve a BER B2

If your home was built prior to 2006 you may be entitle to a grant to achieve a BER B2. In order to achieve this, multiple energy upgrade measures will need to be applied to your home to minimise heat loss. These could include; attic and wall insulation aswell as window and door upgrades. In addition to this technology upgrades such as smart heating controls and combi boilers are excellent ways to improve your energy rating. Solar PV and Air Pump systems are also options.  You will require a tailored solution based on your property. Our experts can provide you with an assessment and individual plan to achieve a warmer home and take advantage of grant funding.

What are the key benefits of a BER B2 ?

  1. Save money on Energy Bills.
  2. Enjoy a warmer home.
  3. Contribute to a cleaner, greener future.
  4. Take advantage of grant funding up to 40%.

For more information on any of our products and services or to book an assessment, please contact our energy experts today.