For some budding home chefs 2020 will be the first time they attempt the most important meal of the year. Others have been mastering it for decades.  Cooking a massive meal can drain quite alot of energy, which is bad for your pocket and the environment. But it is possible to take some simple steps towards saving energy when cooking the Christmas dinner.

1. Unplug your devices

You’ll likely be using alot of different cooking devices.. Air fryers, mixers, ovens etc. It’s important to power them down when not in use.

2. Use the dishwasher

Some bulkier items won’t fit in the dishwasher but anything that can should be washed this way. Dishwashers often have a low setting that is perfect saving energy. Only run it when you have a full load though!

3. Fill the oven 

Try to cook all the trimmings together at the same time to reduce the amount of energy your oven uses. You”ll already be leaving it on for hours perfectly roasting the turkey!

4. Close the Door

When you are rushing around trying to prepare the dinner you will likely be going back and forth from the fridge alot. Remember to close the fridge door each time. 

5. Fill the Turkey Tray

Get a big tray for Roasting your Turkey and place your roast vegetables around it. You’ll only have one tray to wash and you’ll also be saving energy!

6. Use the Kettle

Pre boiling your water in a kettle before you pour it into a pot will save you time and energy, literally!

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