The SEAI have launched the Midlands Retrofit Scheme enabling home owners in Kildare and to take advantage of a 35% grant for upgrading their homes. This is fantastic news for communities throughout the region. Owners who take advantage of the scheme will upgrade to a warmer home with cheaper energy bills. They will also significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

House 2 Home have partnered with Energia to offer an additional 5% in support for this scheme bringing the overall discount to 40%. As part of this, Credit Unions are also offering an APR as low as 4.9% for their members to take advantage of this scheme through CU Greener Homes

We discount the entire 40% of grant funding and support up front. 

The Scheme is part of the Irish Government’s Climate Action plan and is being spearheaded by the SEAI with support from local authorities in the Midlands. In order to qualify for the grant funding a home must be linked to a Midlands Authority, such as Kidare County Council. The work must also be deemed as a ‘deep retrofit’. This involves taking the energy rating from a C3 or lower to a B2 or higher. The property must also have bee built prior to 2006. 

Works covered under the scheme

  • Insulation
  • External Windows and Doors
  • Heating Controls
  • Heat Pumps
  • Room Heaters/Stoves
  • Ventilation
  • Solar PV

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Our Energy Efficiency Calculator takes the complexity out of home energy upgrades. In a few simple steps discover the cost of upgrading your home, grant support which may be available for you, the cost of credit union finance and the impact of the work on the energy efficiency of your home.