Retrofitting your house during the summer can be particularly advantageous in Ireland. Here are four compelling reasons to deep retrofit your home this summer.

Optimal Weather Conditions

Favourable Climate: Ireland’s summer weather is generally milder and drier compared to other seasons. This makes it easier for contractors to retrofit your home without interruptions due to rain or cold.

Extended Daylight Hours: Longer daylight hours allow for extended working periods, ensuring that retrofitting projects can be completed more efficiently and swiftly.


Energy Efficiency Improvements

Winter Preparation: By retrofitting in the summer, your house will be well-prepared for the colder months. Improvements such as insulation, window upgrades, and heating system updates will ensure your home is warmer and more energy-efficient when winter arrives.

Reduced Heating Costs: Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency during the summer can significantly reduce your heating bills in the winter, which is particularly important given Ireland’s typically chilly winters.

Increased Property Value

Market Appeal: Retrofitting your house can significantly boost its market value. Energy-efficient homes are increasingly in demand in Ireland, making your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Grants and Incentives: The Irish government offers various grants and incentives for energy-efficient home improvements.

Comfort and Convenience

Minimised Disruption: Summer is a convenient time for many homeowners as children are often on school holidays and families may spend more time outdoors or away on holidays. This minimises the disruption caused by retrofitting work inside the home.

Retrofitting your home during the summer in Ireland not only takes advantage of better weather and longer days but also ensures your home is energy-efficient, comfortable, and ready to handle the winter months ahead.



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