Customer Charter

Policy Statement

  • House 2 Home is committed to providing a high quality service to our customers and other individuals and organisations who enquire about our services. 
  • The staff of House 2 Home work hard to maintain and improve the standard of service and to keep errors to a minimum.  However, we recognise that we may make mistakes from time to time and that customers may feel that the service they have received from us may have been unsatisfactory. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the service which you have received from us, you should let us know immediately and we will deal with your complaint in confidence. 
  • We have put in place a Customer Complaints Procedure which aims to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a consistent, fair and transparent manner.


Customer Complaints Procedure

  • Depending on the nature of the complaint, it may be necessary for the complainant to submit written details of the complaint to our customer care department via email:
  • An acknowledgement email confirming receipt of the complaint will be issued within three working days of its receipt. 
  • We will examine and assess your complaint and send a reply to you within two weeks of the receipt of your complaint.  In cases where it is not possible to meet this target, an interim reply will be issued which will set out the reasons for the delay in issuing a detailed response. 
  • If a customer remains dissatisfied with the detailed response, the complainant may request that the complaint be escalated to senior management committee. 
  • The Committee’s decision on the complaint will be conveyed to the complainant in writing within seven working days of the Committee meeting in question.


Standards for Dealing with Complaints

  • Your complaint will be treated fairly and impartially and, as far as possible, in confidence. 
  • The act of making a complaint will have no adverse implications in relation to your future dealings with House 2 Home. 
  • Where an error has been made, an apology and explanation will be offered and every effort will be made to rectify the matter. 
  • Where a complaint highlights the processes or procedures of House 2 Home being deficient, every effort will be made to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.