One Stop Shop 
Home Energy Upgrades

House 2 Home can provide a one stop shop service for homeowners who wish to significantly improve their energy rating.

We offer grants of up to €35,000 for deep retrofit projects. Grant funding is dependent on the works carried out. Retrofitting means vastly improving the energy rating of an existing home by upgrading multiple aspects of its structure and energy systems. Conducting a deep retrofit will pay for itself eventually, as homeowners see massive savings on energy bills. This is also great for the environment as we move toward burning less fossil fuels to power our homes.

Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).


Benefits of a Home Energy Upgrade  


Upgrade to a warmer home that’s cosy all year round.

Save Money

Avoid rising energy costs and save on your utility bills. 

Go Green

Reduce your Carbon Footprint and help the environment.

Property Value

Increase the value of your property. 

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We offer a complete home energy solution

If you are interested carrying out multiple upgrades to improve the BER of your home, you may be eligible for a grant of up to €35,000. At House 2 Home we make it convenient and painless to upgrade your home through the scheme. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for home home energy improvements. Here’s how the process works:


Our professional surveyor will asses your home and supply you with your current BER (Building Energy Rating).

House 2 Home retrofit experts will devise a bespoke plan to upgrade your home in the most efficient manner.

Our finance team will apply for your grant. We discount it up front so you only ever pay the outstanding balance!

We will complete all building work on the property to the highest possible standards.

Finally, we asses your home again to ensure that all work has been carried out correctly and you are meeting the new BER target.

You can relax and enjoy your new energy efficient home while we take care of the paperwork and grant funding!

We have patnered exclusively with Energia and Credit Unions to create CU Greener Homes. As part of this scheme participating Credit Unions are offering the lowest interest rates on work which has the biggest overall impact on the home’s energy rating.


From as low as

4.9% APR

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What is a deep retrofit?

A deep retrofit refers to improving multiple aspects of your home so that you will increase its energy efficiency. Because of the positive impact this has on the environment, the above government grants were launched.

Here are some core components of a typical deep retrofit:

Floor Insulation

Wall Insulation

External Windows & Doors

Attic Insulation

Air Sourced Heat Pump

Solar PV

Air Tightness Measures

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Wood Burning Stove

All building & extension works carried out by our team

Works verified by independent engineers

After completion, what can you expect?

Guaranteed BER Rating Improvement.

Full guarantee and handover pack.

Excellent Comfort levels.

Enhanced Control Over your Systems.

Excellent Air Quality.

Low Running Costs.

A new look & feel to your home.