Boilers and Heating Systems:
Grant + Carbon Credits €1,500  

Home heating boiler replacement

If youre boiler is old, broken or is not heating your home adequately then you should investigate replacing it immediately. We Survey your home for free, and report back to you with a solution to your problem. Did you know that you can save €2,290 over 5 years by replacing your boiler?? We supply the best Oil & Gas boilers and our qualified team fit them to the highest standard.

Call 1800282282 and arrange a consultation with one of our engineers, who will give you a detailed quote & grant information

Did you know that when you pay for your home heating bill, you do not use all of the fuel (gas/oil etc.) that you have paid for? If you have a boiler that is roughly 15 years old then chances are it is running at 65% efficiency. In simple terms:

For every €100 you spend on heating, you lose €35 without getting the benefit of the heat!

This is due to an inefficient boiler that needs to be replaced. Home Heating Boilers are the heart of your heating system, if they are not running efficiently then you need to fix it! Our modern boilers achieve over 90% efficiency, so nearly all of the fuel being delivered is being used to heat your home. Home2Home provides many different heating systems. The boiler manufacturers for the different fuel types used by the company are in the table below. These are used in conjunction with radiators, underfloor heating, electric storage systems, room heaters, etc. Fuel Type Manufacturer Gas: Viessman & Ideal. Oil: Firebird. Heat Pump: Dimplex: Activ8 Energies For boiler & heating systems we have teamed with companies such as Gledhill, Viessmann and Ideal. All offer extensive warranties and a range to suit every house type. Reliable & Efficient House2Home has chosen Stelrad to supply a vast range of modern radiators to compliment the range of boilers that we provide. Stelrad conform to our objective, to continue to introduce new methods to reduce Home Energy Bills.

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