Imagine A Warmer Greener Home

House 2 Home has partnered with Energia and Credit Unions to deliver CU Greener Homes, a one – stop shop for home energy upgrades.:

 Avail of grants funding up to €35,000 discounted up front.

Additional support offered by Energia. 

Get a low – cost Credit Union loan and full support. 

All work completed by House 2 Home to highest industry standards. 

Key Benefits of CU Greener Homes

Easy Application Process

Grants of
up to €35,000

Low Cost

Fully Managed Grant Process

Expert Advice and Assistance

Low – Cost Credit Union
Loans available

We have patnered exclusively with Energia and Credit Unions to create CU Greener Homes. As part of this scheme participating Credit Unions are offering the lowest interest rates on work which has the biggest overall impact on the home’s energy rating.


From as low as

4.9% APR

Use our Energy Efficiency Calculator to work out project costs, grants and finance!

Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).


Grants of up to €35, 000 are available as part of the CU Greener Homes scheme and are discounted UP FRONT by House 2 Home. The SEAI provide a grant of up to €25,000 for homeowners who complete a deep retrofit project. There is also additional support by Energia. 

There are also a number of grants available for shallow retrofit.


Grants Available up to 


Discounted up front

For more information on the scheme visit