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Next Generation Home Heating System

With today’s high Energy Prices ( € 2,200 for an average Irish home per Annum ) it makes good financial sense to invest in upgrading your Old Home Heating System.

Your Existing System

Your existing Boiler is probably G rated and running below 70% efficiency, your existing heating controls also provide very limited control compared to a new Generation of Home Heating Controls available today.

An image of a typical Older Heating System, ( Boiler + Controls ) that would typically run at less than 70% Efficiency

A New Next Generation System

A New Next Generation System will comprise of aHigh efficiency A rated Boiler along with new Smart Heating Controls or HUB, combined these will help you to shave up to 45% off your future Fuel Bills.

An image of a New Next Generation Heating System & advanced Hub or Controls, that typically run in excess of 90% Efficiency.

Smart Heating Control 

Smart Heating controls are all about matching your Energy needs to your working and living patterns. In other words having rooms heated when you are Home, having hot water available only when needed.

As a minimum, your heating systems should be split into two independently controlled “zones”.

They are your ‘Space Heating Zone’ and your ‘Domestic Hot Water Zone’.

This allows you to heat your hot water without being forced to turn on your space heating ensuring immediate savings.

Additional zones can also added to separate living areas from bedrooms.
An Example would be to Split upstairs and downstairs areas into two separate zones, ensuring your heating your downstairs living area only during the daytime and not upstairs bedrooms that only need to be heated during nigh-time.

Having Remote Access to your Heating System

Using remote applications available through the new Climote HUB, you can control the heating in your home to a much higher degree. Setting up heating schedules based on your individual living patterns and having more control over these schedules. Climote also builds up a history of your energy usage which in turn helps you establish trends; this information can help you plan future usage and ensure further savings.

Enjoy features that enable you to to control your heating settings at home or remotely via your smart phone app, when out and about.

Some very good reasons why you should upgrade your old Boiler & install Heating Controls.

Save up to 45% off your future Fuel Bills
Qualify for Government Grants of €650 towards the cost of the upgrade.
Gain greater control over your Home Heating System
This will increase your confort levels and help you Save Home Energy.
Finally you will also help Increase the value of your home and help the Environment.

Grants available for homeowners

There are a range of grants available under the Better Energy Homes Scheme and as an SEAI approved contractor Entech can complete your home heating upgrade works and allow you to avail of these grants.

Additional Savings

We also provide a BER Energy Certificate for all home heating upgrades.

Grant Check

So why not check to see if you qualify for Grants to help you
cover the cost of the upgrade

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