At House 2 Home we specialise in upgrading your home to reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your electric bills. However, we are also deeply invested in environmental protection. Whether you are planning to take advantage of SEAI grants and upgrade your home or not, there are some key energy saving tips you should follow. Reduce your carbon footprint while living in a comfortable happy home.

Top Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Bulbs 

Energy saving LED bulbs use far less electricity than traditional incandescent lighting. They are also relatively cheap when you weigh the cost of the bulbs against what you could save on your annual energy bills!

Block those draughts

There are plenty of areas where heat could be escaping from your home. Grab a draft excluder for the gap underneath your front door.  If you have an open chimney, invest in a chimney snug.

Bleed Your Radiators

Trapped air inside your radiators will make them less efficient. Get radiators back working to their full potential by ‘bleeding’ them. It’s a really simple process and you can grab the tool for doing it at pretty much any DIY store.

Turn off the lights!

This is an Irish Mammy’s favourite for good reason. It’s really important to get into the habit of turning off the lights as soon as you exit a room.

Smart Plugs

You can buy smart plugs for all your non Smart devices. This will allow you to schedule them to turn off at night or control them from an app. Some of your electrical equipment uses energy even on standby mode. Are you a technophobe? No problem, you can achieve similar results with plug timers.

Don’t fill the kettle

Most modern kettles come with an indicator on the side to show you how much is needed. If you are only making one cup of tea, don’t fill enough water for three or four.

Defrost your freezer

If there is even a tiny gap in your freezer door it will cause the appliance to work overtime to stay cool. Make sure to defrost regularly, before you see any build up of ice.

Wash Full Loads 

Running your washing machine uses ALOT of energy. Make sure that you only fire it up when you have a full load to wash. The lower the temperature you run it at the better!

For more information on energy saving projects that can make a real difference to your home, please contact our energy specialists.