Explore the transformative journey of Karl Geraghty’s residence in Dublin 4, where House2Home spearheaded a deep retrofit project. From insulating walls to installing energy-efficient windows, discover how our expert team transformed Karl’s home.

Energy Upgrades

House2Home undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Geraghty’s house, focusing on energy efficiency enhancements. The outdated heating system was replaced with a cutting-edge heat pump and modern central heating, ensuring precise temperature control while minimising energy waste. Simultaneously, high-performance external doors and windows were installed to bolster thermal insulation, enhancing both energy efficiency and household security.

Additionally, premium floor insulation materials were employed to combat heat loss, alongside attic and roof insulation measures, significantly reducing heating costs and improving overall comfort levels. Further optimising thermal performance, internal wall insulation was introduced, regulating indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption between rooms, fostering a consistently comfortable living environment.

Government Grants

Karl Geraghty secured a total of €21,000 in grants to support the deep retrofit project undertaken in his home. This funding encompassed €8,500 towards the installation of a heat pump and central heating system, €3,500 allocated for floor insulation, €2,000 dedicated to wall insulation, and €1,800 designated for the purchase of external windows.

These grants played a crucial role in offsetting the costs associated with the energy-efficient upgrades, making the improvements more financially feasible while contributing to the overall sustainability of his residence.


Building Works

In addition to energy upgrades, House2Home undertook significant building works to transform Karl Geraghty’s house in Dublin. This included the construction of a well-designed extension, providing additional living space and integrating modern energy-efficient technologies seamlessly. Alongside, new stairs were installed, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality while ensuring safety and convenience for the occupants. These upgrades not only improved the visual appeal of the interior but also contributed to a more modern and comfortable living environment.

Furthermore, House2Home updated the downstairs bathroom with modern fixtures and energy-efficient fittings, aligning with sustainability goals by minimising water usage. Additionally, a new porch was constructed to enhance entrance aesthetics and provide additional functionality.

Customer Feedback

Speaking to Karl a short while after the completion of the deep retrofit, he reflected, “This renovation project has truly transformed my day-to-day life. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my home, but the energy-efficient upgrades have also significantly reduced my utility bills. It’s amazing to see how this project has made such a big difference.”

Embarking on the journey of home renovation can often feel daunting, with numerous decisions to make and processes to navigate. However, for Karl Geraghty, the decision to streamline his renovation process by opting for a comprehensive one-stop solution proved to be a game-changer. “Choosing a one-stop shop for all the renovation works, including building and grant facilitation, was the best decision I made. It streamlined the entire process, from planning to completion and made everything so much simpler”.








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