Domestic retrofitting offers myriad benefits in addition to energy savings. Homes which undergo a performance upgrade are more comfortable, more durable, healthier and safer. Weve provided a rundown of the 5 key benefits to retrofitting your property below:

1. Energy Savings  

Nationwide, buildings account for a staggering 49% of energy consumption. Individually, most homeowners pay more than necessary to cover utility bills because of air leaks and poor insulation. By retrofitting your home, not only will you be reduce your own energy bills, you will contribute to the reduction of national energy consumption, thereby helping to mitigate climate change.

2. Improved Comfort

Drafty rooms in winter and hot rooms in summer are symptomatic of domestic inefficiency. They also have a significant negative impact on home comfort. Retrofitting adopts a whole-house approach which increases the comfort of your entire home by addressing air leaks and defective insulation. These issues can be identified by infrared thermal scanning and blower door testing. Air sealing and improved insulationare just two features of retrofitting which improve comfort.

3. Greater Building Durability

By isolating building problems and combating them at source, House2Homes qualified home performance contractors are able to identify and remediate potential long-term problems in residential buildings such as moisture and air infiltration, poor ventilation and structural problems.

4. Higher Resale Value

An energy efficient home not only provides dividends in the short term – through reduced energy costs – but also yields long term benefits, by increasing your propertys resale value. This is an increasingly important factor as energy costs continue to escalate. Energy efficiency is a significant real estate consideration for prospective home buyers. Moreover, the additional benefits of home performance retrofits, such as increased comfort, air quality and durability, make energy efficient homes even more attractive.

5. Indoor Environmental Quality

As part of House2Homes energy retrofit process, qualified home performance contractors evaluate potential sources of poor indoor air quality and take steps to eradicate them. This process can involve evaluating combustion equipment for safe operation and measuring ventilation rates to ensure the meet the latest safety standards