The Irish Government have announced plans to provide grants to homeowners that could cover up to 50% of the cost of a deep retrofit under the new Home Energy Upgrade Scheme.

House 2 Home will continue to be a registered One Stop Shop with the SEAI. We can manage home energy upgrades from start to finish and will discount grant funding of up to 50% for our clients. 

Under the Government’s Climate Action Plan there is a target of retrofitting 500,000 homes to BER B2 standard by 2030. The plan is also aiming to install 400,000 heat pumps in Irish homes over the next 8 years.

Deep Retrofitting 

Homeowners who improve the energy rating of their property to a B2 or beyond will be able to claim grant funding of over €25,000. This is aimed at covering 45-51% of the cost of a Deep Retrofit. Improving the energy rating of your home will make it warmer and more comfortable but it’s also a great way to reduce your heating bills.

**This grant is subject to terms and conditions outlined by the SEAI. 

The total grant value will be entirely dependant on the works that are carried out. The grants are fixed per energy upgrade measure (e.g heat pump installation or wall insulation etc.)

An example provided to The Irish Times stated “the kind of support on offer is the State contributing €26,000 of the €53,000 cost of deep-retrofitting works on an average hollow block semi-detached home with an E2 rating. Bringing the rating from E to B would reduce the heating bills by as much as two-thirds, leading to substantial savings each year.”

Individual Upgrades

Although the Government’s main focus is on deep retrofits, there will also grants of up to 80% available to households who opt for more minor work, such as insulating attics or cavity walls, reducing the overall cost of such works to as low as a few hundred euro.

BER Assessments 

In order to carry out a deep retrofit a homeowner requires a Technical BER Assessment. Under the  Home Energy Upgrade Scheme 2020 there will be grant funding of €350 available for this. 

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