As Ireland embraces the importance of sustainable living, deep retrofitting has emerged as a transformative solution for homeowners seeking a warmer, more energy-efficient home. In this blog post, we’ll explore what deep retrofitting is and why it’s essential in our journey towards a more sustainable future. Plus, discover how it can translate into significant savings on your energy bills.

What exactly is retrofitting?

Essentially, retrofitting involves a substantial upgrade of a home, often including an overhaul of an inefficient energy system to create a more effective one. In essence, retrofitting considers a home as a comprehensive system, addressing elements like heat generation, retention and ventilation to create a cohesive and efficient energy system. The goal is to significantly enhance the overall performance, energy efficiency and comfort of the existing structure.

Reasons to get a deep retrofit in 2024

Warmer Homes

Firstly, one of the immediate and tangible benefits of deep retrofitting is the creation of a warmer and more comfortable living space, especially crucial in the chilly Irish winters that we’re all accustomed too. By upgrading insulation in walls, roof and floors, your home becomes better equipped to retain heat in the colder months, therefore providing a cozy environment for you and your family.

Cheaper Energy Bills in Ireland
The energy price crisis is focusing minds on improving home insulation and the energy efficiency of heating systems. Ireland’s climate often demands a reliable heating system, which can result in high energy bills. Moreover, deep retrofitting addresses this challenge by optimising energy efficiency. Upgrades such as improved insulation, energy-efficient windows and advanced heating systems can significantly reduce your energy consumption, therefore, leading to substantial savings on your monthly bills.

Retrofits Add Value to Your Property
A deep retrofit can increase the value of your property by making it more appealing to potential buyers who prioritise energy-efficient homes. Accordingly, fresh studies indicate that retrofitting could increase the selling value of your home by an average of €10,000 and the additional value may vary even more for specific properties – depending on the measures and location.

Easier to Sell Your Property
Finally, as interest rates climb, there’s a growing preference among individuals to purchase a house rated B3 or higher. Furthermore, these specialised mortgages come with the enticing benefit of a more favourable lending rate and are widely offered by most prominent financial institutions.


The process of getting a deep retrofit

Home Energy Assessment

Firstly, the retrofit process begins with a thorough Home Energy Assessment. This initial step involves a comprehensive evaluation of the current energy efficiency and performance of the home. Additionally, trained professionals assess various aspects, including insulation, windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Expert Plan

After the assessment, a tailormade plan is formulated to tackle the specific needs and opportunities identified during the evaluation. This plan is customised to the distinctive features of the home, considering factors like its size, location and existing infrastructure. The recommended retrofit measures detail the upgrades or modifications needed to optimise energy efficiency.

We discount grants upfront

Grants are discounted upfront and we will manage the entire grant application process on behalf of homeowners. This streamlined approach not only eases the financial burden by reducing costs at the outset but also ensures a hassle-free experience for homeowners.

Work begins

With the customised expert plan established and discount grants secured, the retrofit work begins. This phase involves the actual implementation of the recommended measures outlined in the plan. Additionally, skilled professionals carry out the installation of energy-efficient components, such as upgraded insulation, high-performance windows, or modern HVAC systems.

New home

Finally, upon completion of the retrofit work, the home undergoes a transformation into a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly space. The upgraded features contribute to increased comfort, reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Why choose House2Home?

Our custom plans, along with discounts and an easy grant process, make energy-efficient upgrades affordable. Our skilled team ensures the changes suggested in the plan, like better insulation and modern HVAC systems, are done right. Finally, with House 2 Home, you’re not just improving your home – you’re creating a more eco-friendly and comfy living space for you and your family.

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